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Retül is the only complete system of products and bike fit that's ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to improve power, endurance, and comfort.

5 steps to your perfect fit

Retül Fit enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort. During your personal Body Geometry Fit session, a trained specialist will assess your individual needs and systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body.

1. Interview

A Retül Fit Specialist will learn about how you ride, your cycling goals, and other pertinent information to understand your needs as a rider.

2. Physical Assessment

Your Retül Fit Specialist will administer a comprehensive 18-step process to determine the flexibility and dimensions of your body. This is critical to guide the customization of your bike position and equipment.

3. Ride Analysis

Your Retül Fit Specialist will visually assess your position on the bike while you ride. This provides additional information to optimize your position and equipment.

4. Fitting

During this 15-step process, on the retül müve bike, the Retül Fit Specialist will personalize your bike position and equipment choice. In the end, saddle selection and position, shoes, footbeds, cleat position, and handlebar position are all optimized to your body.

5. Follow Up

At the conclusion of the process, the Retül Fit Specialist will schedule a follow-up to review your adaptation to the new position, answer your questions, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your ride.

The official tools of the trade

Retül, the best fitting method with the best fitting tools to deliver an unrivaled connection with your bike.


Designed with leading medical and ergonomic expert, Dr. Kyle Bickel, Body Geometry gloves and grips reduce hand numbness and fatigue to effectively boost your comfort and control.


Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt, Body Geometry shoes and footbeds are a vital link between the rider and the bike. Peer reviewed scientific research supports that they increase both power and endurance on the bike.


Developed with ergonomic expert, Dr. Roger Minkow, Body Geometry saddles are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to provide outstanding comfort and support, all while helping to increase blood flow for men and relieve soft tissue pressure for women.

Options and prices Retül Fitting V8 Medium Fitting Small Fitting

Duration 3.5 hours


Duration 1.5 hours


Duration 45 minutes

Interview (15')
Physical assessement with 18 step check (60')
Ride analysis (30')
Fitting on Retül Müve SL Special Bike
Fitting incl. vantage 3d video system (75')
Follow up (30')
Adjustment on your bike
Free 1 pair Specialized BG footbed
Flexibility text
Measurement of seat bones and on those ground perfect saddle selection
For MTB: fork and damper tuning
Adjustment of the seating height and pedal position/cleats on the Retül Müve Bike
Setting the optimal handlebar height and position

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